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REMIC C5300LB/WLM Cello/Violone - Live mic. for wireless systems

The REMIC C5300 LB/WLM supplied with a TA5M connector allows you to connect the REMIC microphone via a variety of adapters to selected SHURE and SENNHEISER wireless transmitters which enables you to gain maximum flexibility to move around on stage during live productions.

It also enabels you to connect the C5300 LB/WLM to a standard XLR wired connection.

Due to the fact that most beltpack wireless transmitters do not provide 48 volt of phantom power nor a balanced input stage, a series of REMIC MICROPHONES have been designed to support wireless systems with unbalanced input circuits and a BIAS voltage of 3 to 8 volt.

The C5300 LB/WLM is based on the same principle as the C5300 LB live model, but is supplied with a different connector – the TA5M multi connector, which allows you to connect your C5300 LB/WLM microphone to a variety of adapters for Shure and Sennheiser wireless systems as well as the standard XLR.

In order to connect to the wireless transmitters, you need to purchase the correct adaptor that lets you connect to one of the following wireless transmitter systems:


RAD 001 | adapter for XLR 48 volt phantom, REMIC studio/live models

RAD 001LB (adapter for XLR 48 volt phantom, REMIC loud live LB models)

RAD 003 | TRS 3.5 connector
For Remic studio/live and Live mic to Sennheiser EW-series.
SK100G3/G4, SK300G3/G4, SK500G3/G4, Transmitter module 3.5 TRS w/screw lock connector.

RAD 006 | TA4 connector
For Remic studio/live and Live to SHURE with TA4F connector.
FP1, GLXD1, QLXD1, PG1, PGX1, PGXD1, SLX1, UC1, ULX1, ULXD1, UR1, UR1M, AD1)
Transmitter module with TA4M connector.

RAD 010 | LEMO-3 connector
For Remic studio/live and live microphones to SHURE (UR1M, AD1) and SENNHEISER (SK2000, SK3063, SK5012, SK5212II, SK6000, SK9000) Transmitter modules with LEMO3 connector.

Please note that some dynamic non-linearities will occur when using wireless systems in comparison to a wired solution.


  • TECHNOLOGY SAM (Soundboard Area Microphone)
  • MICROPHONE TYPE High definition pre-polarized condenser element
  • CARTRIDGE TECHNOLOGY Direct balanced
  • SENSITIVITY 3mV/Pa (-50dBr.1V/Pa)
  • POWER CONSUMPTION 2mA / 3-8 volt Phantom
  • DIMENSIONS 57 x 37 x 22 mm
  • WEIGHT 8g (microphone only)
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