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REMIC D5401 Studio/Live Mic. for Concerto Bass

The new REMIC D5401 Studio/Live model has been designed with different measures to fit the upright concerto bass used in orchestras and classical ensembles. The upright concerto bass is typically constructed to have more space between fingerboard and body of the instrument, which requires a REMIC microphone which is slightly taller than the D5400.

For studio & live performance of chamber, classical, jazz and folk music.

Superior gain before feedback.

Moderate suppression of neighbor instruments and ambient noise.

For moderate amplification of symphony orchestras, ensambles, bands and solists.

All microphones for strings have a built-in windshield, which is designed to drastically reduce wind noise in open air performances. The windshield is placed inside the microphone and is therefore invisible and non-removable. With the built-in windshield, you do not need to add any other windshields to your microphone. The built-in windshield does not change the quality of the microphone or sound quality in general.

* Please note: The REMIC D5401 needs 48 Volt of Phantom Power


  • MICROPHONE TYPE High definition pre-polarized condenser element
  • TECHNOLOGY SAM (Soundboard Area Microphone)
  • CARTRIDGE TECHNOLOGY Direct balanced
  • SENSITIVITY 3mV/Pa (-50dBr.1V/Pa)
  • POWER CONSUMPTION 2mA / 48V Phantom
  • DIMENSIONS 95 x 47 x 22 mm
  • WEIGHT 10 g (microphone only)
  • CONNECTOR XLR3 (standard)
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