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Digigrid MGR


The MGR ships as a Quad BNC MADI Interface, but users can fit optional Optical MADI cards allowing complete compatibility with any MADI console in any environment.

The built in network switch provides both front and rear mounted SoundGrid ports, making redundant recordings possible without any additional hardware, or use the extra SoundGrid network port to connect additional DiGiGrid Interfaces. And for mission critical and broadcast applications, the dual redundant PSU’s ensure uninterrupted operation and guaranteed performance.

Plug the MGR straight into your computer to record up to 128 channels with simultaneous playback of 128 channels. Add a DiGiGrid DGS-XL SoundGrid server and Waves MultiRack SoundGrid host application, and your MADI-compatible live or broadcast console now has real-time low-latency processing capabilities. And if you require a higher level of audio quality, a simple configuration change switches the MGR to 96kHz, while still having 128 channels of recording and 128 channels of simultaneous playback.


  • Quad BNC MADI-to-SoundGrid interface
  • Optional optical MADI Card available
  • Dual Redundant Power Supplies
  • Built in SoundGrid network switch
  • Plug any MADI-enabled device into SoundGrid
  • Record, process* and playback up to 128 channels at 96kHz **
  • Record to multiple computers simultaneously
  • Compliant with the SoundGrid Studio ASIO / Core Audio driver


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