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KLANG:app is free for all devices and helps you to control your KLANG:fabrik. Our app provides each musician with his own unique and individual sound mix. Place each instrument spatially via drag’n’drop anywhere around your head. Choose between conventional stereo, 3D or i3D.

Brilliant sound engineers challenged us while tailoring everything exactly to their needs. Musicians and sound engineers can now simultaneously work on individual mixes in real-time.

KLANG:app can also be used for several bands. Simply save different artist profiles, their set lists and related pre-sets.


  • Available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac
  • Integrated faders, routing and demo mode (on iOS and Android)
  • Connect via WiFi or LAN
  • Control one mix per device or all mixes with one single app
  • Place all signals in graphically displayed 3D and i3D orbits


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