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KLANG:vier supports individual 3D in-ear mixes for 5 musicians. You can plug in your 1/4" headphone jacks during rehearsal or use the DB-25 break-out interfaces e.g. for your radio transmitters on stage. Musicians can also benefit from the high-end headphone amps if they use a hardwired in-ear setup.

Easily extend your KLANG:fabrik system for more musicians and conveniently control all KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier mixes within the KLANG:app.

  • Professional personal monitoring
  • Natural 3D sound through binaural technology
  • Up to 5 musicians per KLANG:vier
  • Digital inputs via Dante, compatible to ADAT
  • Digital outputs of 5 Mixes via Dante
  • Optical inputs to Dante | AES67 converter
  • Root-Intensity EQs
  • Remote control from various devices via OSC


  • 4 × individual stereo headphone outputs
  • 4 × stereo balanced line level outputs via D-SUB
  • 44.1 or 48 kHz | 24 bit
  • 24 × 10 channel DanteTM interface (Input/Output)
  • 24 channel ADAT compatible interface (Input)
  • Less than 3ms latency
  • Ultra low output impedance, perfect for in-ears
  • Adjustable gain ranges (-12 / 0 / +12 dB)


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