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DiGiCo’s Little Blue Box allows users to share a DiGiCo D-Rack between a console with a CAT5 rack connection and up to 2 MADI based consoles.

The SD9 / MADI switch allows you to select which console is the main console controlling the gains and the outputs; in SD9 mode the CAT5 connected console is in control, and in MADI mode the MADI connected console controls the gains and the D-Rack outputs. The secondary console in each setup acts as a receive only console, receiving the inputs from the rack as a split, with the option of using DiGiCo’s Gain Tracking system.

The Console Rx. Auxiliary output provides an additional MADI split output which can be connected to any MADI console or even straight to a MADI Multitrack recording computer via a DiGiCo UBMADI or DiGiGrid MGB.

The Little Blue Box is powered via USB, with a second USB port acting as a thru.


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