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Point 215 Sub


The Point 215 Sub has been designed to complement the larger Point Series 2-way enclosures;

It encompasses 2 x Ultra powerful 15" NeoKevlar LF Drivers, giving this enclosure an output of 136.4dB (peak), enough SPL to match multiple 12" and 15" Point Series cabinets. The Point 215 Sub can also be used as a stand-alone product, paired with your existing system setup to supplement missing bottom-end.

Be careful though, its size is deceiving and for best results use it with Point Series tops for any live and /or playback material. Even blues, hip hop, rap, Rock'n'Roll and metal are no challenge for this workhorse. The Point 215 Sub is meant to be placed on the floor, or on stage, where it’s at its best.

Should you want to array this sub, it comes with built-in 5/16 -18 threads for eye hooks, and with an optional Polemount Base which allows SLR systems to attach to it via a polemount; otherwise this Sub is rigging free.

EASE data is available for all Point Series enclosures.


  • Fréquence (+/- 3dB) : 40Hz - 160Hz
  • SPL Max Peak : 136,3 dB
  • Enceintes LF : 2 x HP ND15-S 15" en Kevlar et Néodyme
  • Impédance Nominale LF : 4 Ohms
  • AES/Peak LF : 2 x 500/2000 W
  • Rigging : SLR™ Omnimount
  • Connexion : 2 x Speakon NL4
  • Hauteur Face : 619 mm
  • Largeur : 540 mm
  • Profondeur : 757 mm
  • Poids : 47 Kg
  • Processing : Lake, XTA


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