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La Fletcher machine en version Stage est disponible en tant qu'unité de rack 3U 19 ", avec un écran tactile couleur de 5" permettant des contrôles rapides.

Une première version "Standard" de 64 inputs/64 outputs maxi est disponible, la version "Extended" sera bientôt disponible.


Objects Processing

  • Polarity 0 / 180°
  • 4-Band PEQ plus Low Cut and High Shelf
  • Compressor Ratio 1:1 to 20:1
  • Delay up to 300 ms
  • Object Visible / Hidden in Main View

Object Positioning

  • Manual or external Control via OSC Messages
  • Embedded 2D/3D Trajectory Generator
  • Single / Loop Trajectory Modes
  • Individual Trajectory recall

Audio Rendering

  • Minimum delay, full delay, no Delay
  • Direct Routing
  • Rendering Mode selectable per Object
  • Adjustable Object Width
  • Variable Distance Attenuation
  • Variable Atmospheric Absorption

Reverb Engine

  • Internal exclusive Generator
  • High Quality Impulse Response Engine
  • Stereo IRs or Internal Frontal / Surround / 3D
  • Variable Pre-Delay
  • 4-Band PEQ, Low Cut and High Shelf

Speaker Processing

  • Gain -84 to +12 dB
  • 8-Band PEQ, Low Cut and High Shelf
  • Additional Delay
  • On the fly Speaker adding


  • Send on Fader for Speakers, Aux, Reverb and VCAs
  • Dedicated Page for Solo in Place
  • Custom Fader Page
  • Mixdown


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