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La Flechter machine existe aussi en version transportable pour un usage plus "nomade".

De caractéristiques semblables au modède "Stage Standard" elle dispose néanmoins de moins d'entrées / sorties.


Objects Processing

  • Polarity 0 / 180°
  • 4-Band PEQ plus Low Cut and High Shelf
  • Compressor Ratio 1:1 to 20:1
  • Delay up to 300 ms
  • Object Visible / Hidden in Main View

Object Positioning

  • Manual or external Control via OSC Messages
  • Embedded 2D/3D Trajectory Generator
  • Single / Loop Trajectory Modes
  • Individual Trajectory recall

Audio Rendering

  • Minimum delay, full delay, no Delay
  • Direct Routing
  • Rendering Mode selectable per Object
  • Adjustable Object Width
  • Variable Distance Attenuation
  • Variable Atmospheric Absorption

Reverb Engine

  • Internal exclusive Generator
  • High Quality Impulse Response Engine
  • Stereo IRs or Internal Frontal / Surround / 3D
  • Variable Pre-Delay
  • 4-Band PEQ, Low Cut and High Shelf

Speaker Processing

  • Gain -84 to +12 dB
  • 8-Band PEQ, Low Cut and High Shelf
  • Additional Delay
  • On the fly Speaker adding


  • Send on Fader for Speakers, Aux, Reverb and VCAs
  • Dedicated Page for Solo in Place
  • Custom Fader Page
  • Mixdown


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