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REMIC W3000 G1 for Brass & Woodwind Instruments

The new REMIC D5401 LB model has been designed with different measures to fit the The REMIC W3000 G1 is specially designed for brass and woodwind instruments and can be used in any type of live, studio, theatre and broadcast production, and delivers a natural sound response while offering a high suppression of ambient sound sources.

So if you need a microphone with a natural sound and low acoustic feedback response, the REMIC W3000 G1 is the answer.

The microphone housing of the REMIC W3000 G1 is made of black natural rubber to ensure fast, flexible and reliable mounting and comes with a 4mm cotton woven MOGAMI cable with a length of 2 meter. The microphone can easily be mounted on the bell of the instrument, pointing towards the neck and top valves. This position ensures a fine interaction between the fundamental- and overtone- register of the instrument.

The REMIC W3000 G1 is suitable for brass and woodwind instruments such as; saxophone, trumpet, french horn, flugelhorn, cornet, sax horn, tuba, trombone, tenor horn, baritone horn, euphonium and any related brass or woodwind instruments.

* Please note: The REMIC W3000 G1 needs 48 Volt of Phantom Power

NEW W3000 G1 (Generation 1)
Exceptional condenser microphone for brass and woodwind instruments.


  • Optimized tonal transient response
  • Optimized mechanical grip
  • Optimized protection of diffusion filter
  • Optimized for balanced low impedance transformer inputs

For studio and live performance.

Superior gain before feedback.

Superior suppression of neighbor instruments and ambient noise.


  • MICROPHONE TYPE High definition pre-polarized condenser element
  • TECHNOLOGY SAM (Soundboard Area Microphone)
  • CARTRIDGE TECHNOLOGY Direct balanced
  • SENSITIVITY 3mV/Pa (-50dBr.1V/Pa)
  • POWER CONSUMPTION 2mA / 48V Phantom
  • DIMENSIONS 95 x 47 x 22 mm
  • WEIGHT 10 g (microphone only)
  • CONNECTOR XLR3 (standard)
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